It’s time to go back: Alaska 2015

IMG_8232Hey Friends.

As many of you know I have had the sweet privilege to go on two trips to Alaska and serve at Camp Agaiutim Nune  as a worship leader and a camp counselor. You can read about these trips here, here and here. During my time there God has planted in me a love for the people of Alaska that I never dreamed I would have. I was able to serve two summers in a row and see the impact a year makes on a child of Alaska. After my second trip I wrote down most of my thoughts here: my second trip

Last year, I was unable to go due to financial reasons and because I was in the middle of transitioning to where I now reside in Clermont, FL serving as a teacher and worship leader. My friends whom I had gone with to Alaska before still went and told me all about the trip when they returned. It was amazing to see the seeds that were planted in years prior finally being harvested as well as new people getting to know who Jesus is. I was excited to hear how prosperous their trip was and immediately decided to return in summer 2015. Hey, that’s THIS summer! And here we go!

My experiences on this little island in the middle of the Yukon river have changed my life and I’m excited to see what God has in store for this year!

If you don’t know, “Agaiutim Nune” means “The Place of God” in Yupik Eskimo and Camp AN has served as a light in the darkness for the past 18 years! I have been so blessed by this ministry and by the Eskimo kids of the Yukon River Delta. Every few weeks or so I will receive a facebook message or text from one of the kids in Alaska asking me when I’m coming back, if I’m doing okay or if they can pray for me. I have been blessed over and over by the people of Alaska and I can’t wait to share what God has put on my heart again this year.

Last time I went, I was taken on a journey that I will never SEU TEAMforget. I also had the chance to travel through Washington state and Montana, all the while spreading what God had done during my time in Alaska. It was such a unique experience. Every conversation I had seemed to find it’s way to include God. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Without even opening my mouth about my trip, people were coming to me with questions about God and faith and I was able to share the gospel with dozens of people. It seemed as if my mission trip never stopped. I was no longer in Alaska, but God was still using me heavily wherever I went.

And you know what?

The mission trip still hasn’t stopped. God has been using me and stretching my faith in ways I never dreamed He would. I’m excited every youth service to lead our congregation into worship. I’m excited every day when I get up in front of my students to teach them history, music or Bible. The mission has become my life, regardless if I’m in Alaska or not. God still moves.greg and greg

I love where I am and the journey that I’m on. But I cannot shake the hold Alaska has on my heart. I love these kids. Helping me return to Alaska this summer would mean so much to me.
Here are a few ways in which you can help me be a blessing to the Eskimo children in Alaska this summer.

1) PRAYER – I would love for you to join me in prayer about this trip. For the kids, myself and the rest of the team that is going. This trip entails a lot of heavy spiritual warfare and we cannot survive without the power of the Holy Spirit on our side. As some of you may know, Alaska is the number one state for suicide and depression. Out in the villages, there are heavy spiritual forces and we need as much prayer as we can get. Some things to pray for: funds, protection, traveling mercies, God’s timing & health, the hearts of the children as they receive the gospel.

2) FINANCIAL SUPPORT – Once you have joined me in prayer, I ask you to consider funding my trip. Most of my expenses are traveling expenses (ie. plane tickets to Anchorage, Bush plane tickets to the villages). Camp AN is so dedicated to spreading the gospel that they do not charge volunteers to join the camp besides the cost of our background check.

The bush plane ticket is a hard $800 + tax.
Tickets to Anchorage can range from $600 – $900.
Camp supplies + food $150-$200

My goal to raise is around $1800!

This seems like an awful lot of money, but we are ALL a part of the family of God and if you feel led to give in ANY size or amount PLEASE do so. God will take the small as well as the big and multiply it for His Kingdom use.

If 18 friends gave $100 each I would be all set!

I hope you hear my heart in this. Doing the Lord’s work is my calling. Whether or not you give, I believe God will provide a way. He often uses His hands and feet, the children of God, to carry out His work. I am responding to the call of God in my life and no matter if it is in the form of helping me or those around you, I urge you to respond to the call God has over your life.

Join me in prayer. Support me in the Spirit first.
And if God so moves you to give as well, I will gladly accept your financial support.
Please, give me a call and pray with me over the phone or email me at

My projected dates are June 15th – July 6th!

I’m excited to see how God will use your prayers and support cotton candyto change lives!

Thank you!


Email me if you would like to give using other methods besides an ATM Debit/Credit Card.I can’t thank you enough!


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